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The Gr8Escape Asylum

Asylum Escape - Escape Room

Difficulty Rating 7/10

You and your team have been sent to investigate the office of Dr. Mulasy Tretour and gather evidence on his vicious crimes.

Once you enter, you realise that one of his experiments is closer than you think!

You have 60 minutes to find a way out before they get hold of you and you don’t want to be there when they do!

The Gr8Escape Trapped

Trapped - Escape Room

Difficulty Rating 8/10

You are welcomed by a Butler at the home of wealthy gold trader Mr. Charles A Clarence.

While waiting to meet Mr. Clarence, you hear a loud commotion from outside the room and a fire breaks out.

60 minutes is all you have to find another way out before you are burned alive!

The Gr8Escape The Hunted

The Hunted - Escape Room

Difficulty Rating 8.5/10

You’ve been writing to your uncle for months as he recounts his research in Eldertree.

You haven’t heard back from him for a while and decide to investigate. You journey through the abandoned town before reaching the woods. 

Upon arriving at his cabin, the door slams shut behind you. All you see is destruction, all you hear is some movement in the woods…

Can YOU escape the creature that the town has fallen to?

Nightmare - Escape Room

Difficulty Rating 9/10

On the night of the Dead Moon, The Sandman comes out to play. Casting a Dark Dust over your town, he terrorizes the night sky. 

As the boundary between worlds grows thinner by the second you feel the weight of a thousand tormented dreams.

Ensnared by his haunting lullaby, you will have 60 minutes to make it out before he claims you as one of his new night terrors… forever.

The Gr8Escape Basement

The Basement - Escape Room

Difficulty Rating 10/10

Waking up in a dreadful, dark basement, all you hear around you is the dragging of chains over metal. 

The last thing you remember is being in a car with your friends before everything faded to black.

You are now the pawns in a psychopaths game; can you make it out of his chamber or will you be stuck for the rest of your life?

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