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Our Rules

Our FAQ's

Sunday to Thursday: 09:30 – 18:30
Friday & Saturday: 09:30 - 20:00
R295 per person.
To secure your booking you need to purchase 2 tickets (R590.00), the remaining tickets will be paid for upon arrival at R295.00 per ticket (with a maximum of 7 players per room). The R590.00 deposit is non-refundable should less than 24 hours’ notice be given for any cancellations or postponements.
Should you be unable to attend your booking and require a refund the following rules apply:
R550.00 of the R590.00 deposit will be refunded with more than 24 hours notice given for any cancellations or postponements. The refund will reflect within 5-7 days of request. Requests must be made via WhatsApp, email, or telephone.
Yes, all games require a booking 24 hours in advance.
Should you wish to play on the same day, please call us to confirm availability.
There will always be an emergency door that will remain unlocked in your session.
You are free to leave if an emergency were to arise.
When your countdown begins, you and your group begin searching the room to find and work on any puzzles. The puzzles require only the use of brain power, there is no need to move any furniture or force any objects/puzzles in the room. As you solve puzzles, you uncover more puzzles/riddles that move you closer to your final goal and to escape the room.
No, each booking is private
Our rooms work best with between 2 and 7 people. Some puzzles are extremely difficult and even impossible with less than 2 players. With more than 6 people, the room can get very crowded and harder to finish.
Each group playing an escape room must work together to solve the puzzle and get out as soon as possible.
There are 2 ways to make the games a bit more competitive. We recommend getting 2 or more groups of 4 – 5 people, and playing a different room at the same time to compete against each other and see who can get out first.

Alternatively, you can book two sessions in a row, one group can grab a lunch at one of the nearby restaurants and have a drink or bite to eat, while the other group plays an escape room. When the first group has finished the escape room, they can meet at the restaurant and the second group can come play the same room and then compare times.

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